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Beth and I were talking, and she realized that there are a few Queer as Folk communities, b/m b/j shipper communities, and Gale Harold communities, but not a single Brian Kinney community. So we got extremely excited with the idea of starting and maintaining our very own Brian Kinney community. And to make it as risqué and non-apologetic as the character himself.

This community is for any and every person who venerate this sexually promiscuous, no apologies, no regrets, infamous Queer as Folk character, Brian Kinney. Feel free to post whatever you want. From personal theories as to the inner workings of this several dimensional character, to why you love Brian Kinney. You can post pictures, or fanfic, or whatever you fucking feel like.

This is an open community maintained by british311 and boycottbigotry. The name of the community was the idea of ghboy and the setup was done by none other than essentiality (she has a pattern, hehe).

I think the character of Justin said it best in reference to Brian Kinney:

“I just saw the face of God, his name is Brian Kinney…”