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[24 Jul 2008|09:51am]

queensoftarts is going to have an amazing August of events! Stay tunned for something for EVERYONE! We've got tons of great challenges for all aspects of this fandom coming up along with some other great ideas! If you haven't had the time to check out us yet please come by! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Come and check out some of the great fic that has already been posted along with our feature "Tea Party" where our topic as of late has been "What are your top ten fav fics?"

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Icons/Random Graphics [03 Oct 2007|09:40pm]

[11] Icons
[2] Header
[3] Signatures for forums


Here @ my Journal.

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And more of how I talk... [01 Oct 2003|03:11pm]

[ mood | exanimate ]

(Crossposted in queerasfolkfans, takemetoheaven, and the_white_scarf.)

I just made a long post in my journal about QAF and Brian and all that, although I didn't say everything I wanted to say. In fact, I think I talked about other stuff so much I got tired out before my main point, and didn't really discuss it very much. But I still figure maybe some of you guys would be interested in reading it.

It's here. Contains discussion of, and thus spoilers for, things up through the end of S3.

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[29 Aug 2003|07:56pm]
no apologies, no regrets. a mantra i practice everyday. i won't apologize for any of my actions. and i'm a happier, healthier, and more honest person for it.

thank you brian kinney.

or should i thank cowlip for his creation?

it can't be wrong to idolize a fictitious character if it makes you (for want of a better term) better...

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[14 Jul 2003|03:10pm]

its been sense june 26 sense any1 posted lasted...well i noticed som slackage and i thought id see whats up...
not much reely iam just bored...
hahaha okay iam dun

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QAF Season 3 finale [26 Jun 2003|03:10am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Stolen from my own journal litalex.

First, I must say how unhappy I am that they only have 14 episodes this season, but like someone else said, better 14 good ones then 22 mediocre ones. Anyway, I must say, everyone pretty much acted out of character, but they've been doing so the last few episodes; then again, with enough build-up, a writer can probably make anything believable. And all of the characters' actions are quite believable. And because the two producers wrote season 3 themselves, the show was quite good and the continuity amazing. All those wonderful arcs.

Nothing major on the cliffhanger front for mini spoiler?Collapse ) or more mini spoiler?Collapse ) fans (or even yet more mini spoilerCollapse ) fans), though surprise, surprise for definite spoilerCollapse ) fans. Poor Emmet and also pretty big surprise for Ted fans, especially spoilers!Collapse ) fans. The writers/producers are just not very big on cliffhangers with people I care about, I guess. In fact, I'm surprised they didn't do a cliffhanger on the good gods, even more spoilersCollapse ) arc.

Anyway, I love Brian, Justin, and Brian/Justin, as always. The more I know about Hunter, the more I like him (and hate his yes, I should just spoiler the whole stupid thingCollapse )). Benjamin is just wonderful, as (nearly) always. I will not talk about what I think of *yawn* yet moreCollapse ) actions, reckless though they might be. And I must say, I adore Em.

That's that for now.

p.s. I guess I need to pontificate on Brian, too, LOL, in order to be a real Brian girl. Hmm, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the way your hair softly frames your perfect face with its beautiful features. I love how bright your eyes shine when you look at Justin, especially during the finale, when you told him why you did what you did. I love your impeccable fashion sense, and your flawless way of decorating the loft. I love how you always walk with confidence, even when you're feeling most vulnerable. I love...simply everything about you, Brian Kinney, and I wish you and Justin every happiness possible, even though neither of you is real.

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[25 Jun 2003|09:01pm]
welcome new members!

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Hello! *waves* [16 Jun 2003|03:00pm]

[ mood | high ]

I joined a long time ago, but didn't make a post until now. *stupid I know* LOL But anyways, I came bearing a gift! A gift of Brian Kinney hotness!!

my favorite pic. sorry if this was posted already

I luv meeting new people, so if you wanna friend me, go ahead. I'll friend ya back! ;)

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Bueller.....Bueller.....Bueller..... [14 Jun 2003|07:19pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Hello?.....Anyone out there?......What happened to all the Brian-fanatics?

Well, just thought I'd drop in and say "Hi".

Talk wit ya laterz.....

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Fic announcement: Connect [27 May 2003|05:37pm]

Another drabble (100 words), this time a gapfiller for 311. Posted on my fiction journal, over here.

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Just joined... [26 May 2003|05:52am]

[ mood | sarcastic/facitious/pleased ]

If Justin was right and Brian Kinney was God- *snide chuckle* -how very appropriate, when you look at the state of the world!

But yes, Brian is my god -- much like Jareth, King of the Goblins and Rociel from Angel Sanctuary... and to a certain extent, I am Brian inside.

Glad to know that others appreciate his biting wit. I only wish the fucker would bite ME.

Charmed to be alive, Talis
(Chairman of the Bored...)

[** Okay, it's nowhere near that bad; life is actually going fucking glory these days: I have $$$, friends, new clothing, a bunch of admirers, muscle gain, places to be, things to do, and- if I wanted them- people to do. I think I just might be winning. So halle-fucking-lujah, it's about fucking time. **]

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[04 May 2003|09:51pm]
To the admin: I don't host my pics at the same place as I used to, so here is the address to the background (if you want I can make a new one as well):

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[20 Apr 2003|03:19pm]

okay, any of you who like fanfic, always is up and improved and wonderful. it's a brian/michael shipper fic site, so if you float that way, it's good.

and i've read almost every single fic, so if you want any reccommendations, i'm yr girl. my penname is chesca (in case you want to read any of my stuff).

and i definately reccommend robertr's season three.


[ mood | angry ]


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[08 Apr 2003|11:09pm]
I anybody has msn messenger...feel free to add me

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Fic announcement: Bracelet [08 Apr 2003|12:03am]

[ mood | creative ]

Just posted a short fic on my journal, a series of three drabbles (each is 100 words exactly). Spoilers up to 303. Link here.

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